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We are Common Table


Common Table is a monthly opportunity for youth with ASD to interact with empathetic peers in a safe, welcoming and fun environment. One Friday evening each month, Common Table coordinates social games to encourage peer interaction, and organizes various activities and games mindful of each person’s unique abilities and comfort level.  New this year we offer to separate tracks for young people to participate in: Youth Social Group (13-17) focus' on social interaction, activity and team building; Young Adults Social Group (18+) focus' on life skills, team building, service
and activities.  Both groups are led by liscensed therapists under the guidance of Kerrie Kirkwood of ASPEN ABA Services. 

Common Table is a proud ministry of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church ( run in partnership with their youth ministry program Epicentre Student Ministry ( Kerrie Kirkwood of ASPEN ABA Services (

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All Common Table events are: from 6:00 - 9:00pm; at 971 Woodroffe Ave; potluck dinners and free of charge unless otherwise stated.  Dates here ARE subject to change but plenty of notice will be given.

September 29
October 27
November 24
December 15
February 23
March 23
April 27
May 25


PLEASE NOTE: There is a flat fee of $100 associated with participating in this program to help cover the costs of snacks and pay for the therapists.  There is additional funding available for those in financial need. 

Additional details are provided each month through a newsletter.  

You can sign up for the newsletter here:

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